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Playing. Everyone loves playing casino games, don’t they? Even with or without Gamstop connected to the site. The excitement and the glitz and the glamour can really entertain us in a way that only few things can.

In addition to this, we are always talking about how you should only play with money that you can afford to lose and how casino games and slot sites are not really a legit way to make money.

The winning percentages are always lower than losing percentages, which means that in the long run, you are bound to lose more than you are able to win. I

n short stints, however, it is indeed possible to walk away with a few good wins here and there.

When you listen to people who are talking about casino games, you easily get a sense that you should actually play games without trying to win.

It’s almost as if playing to win is completely forbidden and that everyone who tries that is a bumbling fool.

In this article, I will refute some of these false interpretations as well as tell you which games payout the best!

Should I play to win?

So then, should you actually play to win or just to have a good time? The answer is, of course, twofold.

While there is nothing wrong with trying to find the best payout casino and trying to win some money, it is indeed important to have the right attitude on top of this.

Online gambling is about the chase and the journey—not the goal! If you feel like the games are starting to irritate you or that they are giving you less good than they are giving you bad, then you should definitely reconsider your relationship with them. This is a form of entertainment, first and foremost.

play to win on non-gamstop websites

It is the same with video games, really. When I bought Crash Team Racing: Refueled on my Playstation 4 this Summer, my goal was to have a good time and try to better my kart-racing skills.

However, as it turns out, CTR was an extremely difficult game and I found myself cursing and shouting obscenities at the television while playing.

Even my 5-year old son was telling me to stop swearing!

My girlfriend, on the other hand, was telling me that I should quit playing because the game clearly isn’t all that much fun. These things apply to online casinos as well.

As long as you are having a good time watching the reels roll and aren’t getting anxious and irritated and losing all your money, there isn’t really anything that bad about your gambling.

Do note, however, that things can sometimes change at a moment’s notice, which in turn means that it’s time to exit the casino for a few days!

Best payout casino games

Let’s move onto another topic then. Next up, I will tell you about which games can give you more wins! In general, just about every slot site out there has the same return-to-player percentage.

Most modern slots will payout winnings at the rate of about 96 to 97 per cent. This means that if you put in 100 pounds, you should get about 96 pounds back with your 100 spins. These are only winning averages, though, and you will probably either go a lot under or above this in real life.

The best lucky games to play if you want to win are actually table games! Roulette and blackjack both have an extremely small house edge, which means that you are almost as likely to win as you are to lose. Winning many times, though, can be a whole other story!

Still, if you are in it to win it, you should probably give roulette and blackjack a chance—and try using the optimal strategies in both games! Spearing all of your chips on the roulette table at the same time probably isn’t the best way to get those good wins!

But what is the best payout casino?

Truth be told, all online casinos generally give you the same amount of wins. No casino is better than the other as it is all about the games that you are playing. Most mobile casinos also have the same games, so there you have it!

My recommendation is that you shouldn’t think about your RTP’s too much. As long as you are having fun and aren’t playing too much, you should be okay.

Some casino games will let you win less often, but they will no doubt make up for this with bigger wins. In the end, it is you who chooses what kind of risks you want to take and which games are best for you!

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