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bingo not on gamstop

Similarly to all other casino games, bingo has made the transition to online platforms. Land-based bingo has enjoyed huge popularity over the years, and this has not changed in this move online. In fact, there are numerous new bingo sites popping up all the time, also non-Gamstop bingo sites which allows you to play without identification. While this is good in one sense, it does mean that there are a lot of options available.

For some players, these options may actually be overwhelming, as it can be hard to pick out the good bingo sites from the bad bingo sites not on Gamstop. With this in mind, we are here to help. We take a look at all the bingo sites, analyse them based on what they offer and then recommend only the very best of the best. Read on to find out how we do it.

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bingo sites not on gamstop

What to look for in an online bingo site not on Gamstop

There are a number of different features that need to be looked at when deciding which are the best non UK bingo sites. This is why we go through each site carefully, taking into consideration features such as the licensing and security of the site, the number and variety of bingo rooms that are available, the community that the site has and even the bonuses that are on offer.

We also take a look at how players are treated overall and check that the customer service is up to scratch. To ensure nothing is missed in our search for the best, we also look over the small print terms and conditions. We do all this research in order to ensure that we only recommend safe, secure and trustworthy sites to our readers.

Bonuses offered

Similar to most online gaming sites, bingo sites in the casinos not on Gamstop offer a wealth of different bonus options. These bonuses are in place to entice and encourage new players to join up. One of the most popular bonus options is the welcome bonus. This is often the biggest bonus or promotion offered by the site and can include a match deposit bonus for players to buy tickets.

However, more and more bingo sites are moving away from this traditional bonus option and instead giving out free bingo tickets to new players. In some cases, sites will even have special bingo rooms set aside for new players. They often offer a number of free games in these rooms so that players can get used to the bingo process and familiarise themselves with the site. It’s more common to find big bonuses if you play on non Gamstop slot sites since the wagering requirements are easier handled with slot sites.

Additional offers

What is important to note is that not all bingo offers are welcome offers. In fact, a number of non Gamstop bingo sites UK also have ongoing bonuses and promotions to cater to those loyal players who stay and regularly play on the site. These bonuses vary depending on the site but can include options such as a daily bonus game or additional free bingo tickets.

  • Return players get extra bonuses
  • Bonuses can include free tickets, free games and even bonus rooms for newbies

What is important to remember when it comes to bingo sites is that some of these bonuses are actually networked. This means that some promotions, such as raffles and giveaways, can actually be quite large. In fact, some of these networked prizes can reach into the millions, so it’s a good idea to check this out when looking at new bingo sites in the UK.

Finally, some of the bingo sites offer rewards that are more than just cash prizes. For those players who want something a bit more meaningful, many bingo sites will award prizes in the form of VIP experiences. This can be really exciting for players and also create a long-lasting memory, as well as being a prize in its own right, so it’s worth looking for these bonus alternatives.

Range of games

It might seem harder to achieve when it comes to bingo than it is with other games, but having a range of games on the site is always important. Many bingo sites are standalone, relying on bingo only when it comes to what they offer. However, some other sites are incorporated into larger casinos, with a whole range of additional slots and card games available.

For non Gamstop sites that are bingo only, there is a need to offer a range of different bingo games. As a starting point, this means being able to cater to different budgets. So offering games with different ticket prices, as well as various prize pools, so that all budgets can afford to join in the fun is a must. However, game range is also about the bingo types:

  1. 90-ball bingo
  2. 80-ball bingo
  3. 75-ball bingo

Types of bingo

What many newcomers to online bingo may not realise is that there are actually a number of different types of bingo games on offer. The difference between bingo games may seem like a small one, but it can make all the difference in the long run. This difference comes down to how many numbers are included in each game and how many rows they cover.

There’s also the option for long-lasting bingo games as well. For instance, session bingo gives players the chance to play an hour-long bingo game for just one price. Some UK bingo sites also offer the option of cash cubes. This is a 36 ball call game that has a single ticket with 12 numbers. Knowing these options helps players pick a site with games that suit them.

Exclusive rooms versus network rooms

There’s also an important difference to note between exclusive bingo rooms and network rooms. Exclusive rooms are those found only on that particular bingo site. This means that all of the prizes come from that one bingo site all of the time. These types of bingo rooms tend to offer smaller, but more regular wins to players when compared to those offered by network rooms.

Network rooms, on the other hand, are, as they sound, joined to other bingo sites. As a result, these bingo game prize pools and jackpots can grow to sizeable amounts because players are joining in from a number of other bingo sites. Some bingo sites will only offer one or the other option, but many will have a mix of the two, which can create a better set of choices.

User-friendly non-UK bingo sites

One of the things that players will notice when searching for the perfect non-uk bingo site is that not all were created equal when it comes to the ease of signing up and navigating around. Some sites are a lot easier to use, offering players a simple navigable interface that’s left uncluttered by too many graphics. We always take this into consideration when selecting bingo sites.

We think it’s also very important that the site is usable across a range of devices and platforms. To that end, we always have a look to see if the site is both Android and iOS compatible and whether it has an app that can be downloaded or a fully working mobile browser site that can be accessed on the go. We also check out the software the site uses.

Safety and security

One of the more important factors when it comes to playing online bingo is to make sure that the site is secure and safe. The main way to do this is to check if the site has a licence. The safest is always play from a gambling site who holds a license from UK Gambling Commission. This is one of the highest level jurisdictions and indicates that the site operates under strict guidelines. However, the non-Gamstop gambling site never has such a license.

To get a UKGC license, the operators need to be connected to Gamstop which means you are not eligible to play on a UKGC casino if you signed up to Gamstop.

If the reason you signed up for Gamstop is that you have been playing too much and/or feel that you don’t have control over your gambling habits, you should never sign up for any non-Gamstop bingo site on this website. If that is the case you should use it as a list to manually self-exclude yourself from each site. The non-Gamstop bingo sites normally holds a license from Curacao or Cyprus which means they are licensed, but not controlled by UKGC.

The reason for choosing a non-UK bingo site is could be that you signed up to Gamstop believing you only excluded from one specific website or one specific game. If so, it can be useful to look at non-UK bingo sites instead of the conventional UK sites. Non-UK sites also offer credit card as a payment, higher bonuses and gamification features.

In addition to this, it is important that the site protects any player data that might be given to it, such as banking details. Most bingo sites will be protected by using SSL encryption protocols to ensure that player data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. This is usually outlined somewhere on the site, but we won’t endorse a bingo site without it.

Fairness and trust

Following on from all of this is the issue of fairness. The licence does go a long way towards ensuring this is something that is in place as otherwise, the site can lose that licence. Regarding gaming fairness, all the games must be tested regularly. This ensures that the mechanisms operating the online bingo games are functioning correctly and not working in either side’s favour.

As part of this, the bingo site is required to have complete transparency on the workings of all the games. Some sites will actually allow players to see each others’ numbers and which ones they need to still get. Finally, trust is vital to a bingo site. Players need to know that the platform operates with them in mind and provides the complete gaming package.


Liquidity is something that many bingo players do not think about, but we do. This is the amount of cash that’s in the bingo site’s system or network. The liquidity of a site can affect how good it is and the prizes that it offers. For instance, a bingo room with lots of players has good liquidity, which means that the prizes on the games will be larger.

A site that does not have good liquidity will have quiet rooms and small prizes. This is unattractive to players so it’s unlikely that players will return or indeed that new players will arrive. By default, those sites with good liquidity encourage more players, which in turn improves the liquidity further. However, too many players in a room means the chances of winning are smaller.

Cashing out

When it comes time to make a withdrawal of any funds, most bingo sites will offer a range of options to suit all players. We check out all the options to ensure this is the case. Most sites give players the chance to withdraw and deposit using debit and credit cards as well as bank transfers, although these options tend to take longer to process than other methods.

For those looking for faster options, there are various eWallets such as Skrill or Neteller that are popular for use on bingo sites. Players can also use a wide range of different prepaid card options. Finally, more and more sites are giving players the option to pay via mobile or even to use cryptocurrency, though these latter options are a little less common.

The bingo sites UK community

One of the fun aspects of bingo in its land-based form is the ability to socialise and chat with the other participants. Happily, this is something that has also made the transition to the online platform. Most bingo sites not on Gamstop will give their players the chance to chat to each other using an in-room chat function. But it’s not just that – there’s the hosting that’s important too.

Good chat hosts can help players learn about other promotions and keep the games running smoothly. Some sites will even have the host asking trivia questions that can enable players to win bonuses or other prizes during the games. Lively communities such as this tend to encourage players to come back and play again simply because the ambience is a friendly and inviting one.

Customer service

Following on from this, it is also important that players can actually get in touch with the bingo site when an issue arises. Players need to be able to have their problems resolved in a timely fashion. In fact, this ability to sort out any problems in a satisfactory manner then links back around to the element of building trust in the bingo site.

It is therefore in the best interests of the site to offer players an easy way to get in touch. Most bingo sites will have an additional chat function where players can get in touch with a staff member within minutes. Bingo sites that offer this type of service tend to stand out from those that don’t. Being able to access the chat via mobile is also important.

how are bingo players treated

How are players treated?

This leads us to another important point. It’s important to check out how players are treated throughout the site. For instance, when it comes to chat hosts, we’ve found that the sites offering dedicated hosts tend to stand out from those that offer only a network chat system. This is especially true if the dedicated chat is manned by a native English speaker with in-depth knowledge of pop culture.

Similarly, while being able to raise an issue quickly is one thing, ensuring it’s responded to in a timely fashion is quite another. To ensure that player complaints are treated promptly and with respect, we search the internet to see if there are any outstanding issues or complaints regarding the bingo sites. If there are, we take this into consideration when reviewing the bingo sites we recommend to our readers.

VIP options

As a last thing to check regarding how players are treated, we take a look to see if there are any VIP options offered. Bespoke schemes on bingo sites will offer high roller players something a little extra, such as exclusive bonuses or special events. The requirements to become a VIP will differ between sites often because the criteria are actually flexible in order to accommodate a range of players.

Always check the fine print!

Finally, we come to the last aspect of checking out which bingo site to play at – the fine print. This is, admittedly, the most boring part, but it’s also one of the most important. Failing to check out the fine print can result in issues such as bonuses being misunderstood, wagering requirements left unfulfilled and the inability to withdraw any of the winnings that have been made.

With this in mind, it’s important to check out any of the potentially misleading ads that bingo sites UK might have. For instance, we take a look at whether there are any caps on winnings when it comes to accepting a bonus. We also check out the wagering requirements. What might seem like a lucrative bonus can take on a different outlook when coupled with enormous requirements.

  • Read the fine print
  • Ensure the wagering requirements are not huge
  • Check if there are maximum payouts

It’s also a good idea to look at the withdrawal times for cashing out. Long withdrawal times are not so great, so we make sure we check out all the options, recommending sites that have shorter turnaround times. Finally, also check out any time limits there might be on bonuses, as well as seeing if there are any specific games that are not eligible for that bonus.

Final thoughts on non Gamstop bingo sites

Online bingo sites in the UK provide an exciting alternative to playing in a bingo hall. These sites have an advantage in that they can offer a whole range of different games all in one spot. Sites also combine exclusive rooms with network rooms so that there is a range of prizes to be won, as well as catering to budgets of all shapes and sizes.

However, it’s important to think about a range of different aspects when considering which site to join. We take the time to look through the games available, the security and trustworthiness of a site, the liquidity, community and customer service, all to get a well-rounded view of the site before we make any recommendations. In this way, we can be sure that we’re offering nothing but the best.

Why play bingo online?

There are many reasons to play online bingo, the main one being that it’s so much easier than heading to a land-based bingo hall. For those out there worried that they will miss out on the sociable aspect, never fear, for these sites offer large communities complete with chat to enable players to keep in touch with one another. Why not check out some of our recommended sites today?

FAQ for bingo sites UK

Is online bingo safe?

Yes, the bingo sites with a UKGC licence is always the most safe, but non-Gamstop bingo sites can also be a safe alternative.

How does online bingo work?

It works in the same way as a bingo hall, but with online casinos you normally have more alternatives and more games than in a regular bingo hall.

Can you win at online bingo?

Yes, but the process is down to luck so no guarantees!

What’s the best bingo site UK?

Check out our recommended bingo sites and find your favourite. The most important thing is what is important to you.

Can I play bingo for free?

No deposit bingo sites are very rare in the UK.