Casino High Rollers

Casino Risk Rewards

When it comes to rewards for your overall play in a casino, the odds are highly in your favour. Casinos reward players on the total amount they bet during a gambling session.

Getting a comp from a casino is based on the opportunity you are giving the establishment to win money from you and not how much you lose. Casinos reward those who take high risks. With the hard restrictions being enforced from UKGC, many casinos not on Gamstop offer more favourable treats for high rollers.

High Roller Definition

The term ‘high roller’ may evoke many different kinds of mental images, especially for those who are unfamiliar with it. In the casino environment, the term ‘high roller’ refers to an individual who enables the establishment an opportunity to win a large amount of money in a short time. These people place bets that range from $10,000 to $1,000,000 each time.

High rollers are often referred to as ‘whales,’ because of their significant and immediate ability to impact the casino’s profit in a brief period of time. High rollers vary by culture, country and casino.

While this definition changes by location, they all share general characteristics that allow for casinos, gamblers, and tourists to easily recognise them. High rollers come from a variety of backgrounds.

High Roller Impact

Billionaire arms dealer and high roller, Adnan Khasoggi’s winning streak at one time, was the cause of a considerable 19 percent drop in quarterly profits of Hilton International.

This should convey the magnitude of the influence a whale can potentially have on the bottom line of a casino. Their definition may be location-based, however, there are potentially thousands of whales located across the world.

The money made from mid or low-level gamblers usually keeps the casino lights on. When a high roller visits the premises he affords the casino an opportunity to make or lose exorbitant amounts of money.

High rollers receive rewards from casinos that are grander than those available to average players since the amount of their bets averages hundreds of thousands more than others.

Traits of a High Roller

Billionaires or millionaires are typically whales. They can access instant casino credit that may be up to $25 million. Regardless of whether they win or lose, whales are known as extremely generous tippers.

They don’t travel alone but are surrounded by close confidantes, family and bodyguards who are often present when they play. They don’t want to be in the spotlight during their casino visit.

Casino treatment of high rollers reflects that they are VIP guests. Whales receive special and exclusively reserved perks for those who place high dollar bets since the casino has a chance to win big money from them.

They tend to have a very serious attitude when gambling and placing bets as high as $1million. They are not in the habit of making costly and careless mistakes.

Benefits of a High Roller

To determine the perks a high roller is entitled to, the casino will use a ‘theoretical’ formula. This takes into consideration the individual’s skill level, the time they spend playing, average number of hands participated in each hour and the wager of each hand. While a lot of factors are considered for the high rollers amenities, it is made simpler for others.

A designated host takes care of the high rollers. They ensure the whale’s needs are satisfied at all times. Hosts make all their arrangements and provide benefits for high rollers that may be unconventional and conventional.

These are determined by the personal preferences of the whale and several other contributing factors. Hosts establish lasting relationships and ensure high rollers get the most out of their stay.

VIP Treatment

High rollers get the red carpet treatment whenever they visit casinos. They earn rewards while they play and dedicated hosts are always there to exceed their expectations.

They make sure whales will not forget the luxury and treatment they receive at their premises. Hosts do everything to ensure the best casino experience possible, in the hope the whale will return again soon to play another round.