Free Spins No Deposit

Let’s talk about free spins! I will explain to you in detail just what free spins are, how you can get them, and what kind of things you should know when using your free spins.

With casinos not covered by Gamstop there is a lot of free spins to claim. Normally non-Gamstop casinos give you more free spins than other casinos.

My aim is to make this very article the best article that you can find on free spins!

What exactly are these so-called free spins?

free spins on non-gamstop sites

Free spins are one of the most talked-about thing in all of the online casino world. Even more so than deposit bonuses, these small extra goodies are pretty much iconic in this business.

When we talk about free spins, we talk about how the reels on these virtual machines are spinning.

One spin basically consists of all the reels of the game spinning at least once. So, if the game has 5 reels, then one spin means that these 5 reels spin once.

After this one spin is all said and done, the game will payout any winnings associated with the spin.

It depends on the game whether you can expect to win something during every spins, every 2 spins or more seldom. Talking about averages here, of course, no game will pay the same way all the time!

Free spins are the online casinos’ way of rewarding their customers. Instead of always having to pay for each and every spin, sometimes you can get yourself some spins that are totally free.

It’s like getting a free bite of a new bread at your local supermarket! These spins will not cost you anything but can still lead to some nice prizes!

Why are Online Casinos giving us free spins?

The answer to this question is extremely simple. They do this to make us want to play with them. A happy gambler simply gambles more!

When online casinos give us freebies, they are in the business for themselves and are trying to make you as a customer feel good about spending your hard-earned money with them.

So no, they are not doing this just to make you happy—even though this is what they want to happen as well!

Now that there are dozens of online casinos out there that are engaged in fierce competition, we are seeing even more free spins offers pop-up here and there.

In fact, we think that many online casinos are actually giving up on their former deposit bonuses in an attempt to cater to their customers with free spins instead.

Free spins are often cheaper for online casinos, so it’s quite easy to see why many competitors are opting out from giving deposit bonuses.

Some free spins can be based on what RTP the slots have, so make sure to look up the best payout casinos also before making up your mind.

How do you use free spins?

There is nothing too complicated about using your free spins. All you need to do is open the game that your free spins are on and you will be notified about them being activated.

After this, you will see a counter on your screen telling you how many free spins you have left.

After your last free spin has been used, the game will most likely tell you how much you won and inform you that the next set of spins will be paid from your casino account.

Do note that most free spins offers carry at least some sort of a wagering requirement. This means that you seldom get to withdraw your winnings straight away and will have to wager them for some time before.

No deposit free spins

There are many types of free spins out there, but perhaps the best kind is free spins that do not require you to deposit in order to get them.

These so-called no deposit free spins can be accessed already after signing up and present a completely free opportunity to win some cash. Even here wagering requirements apply, though, so you will still have to be lucky enough to win!

I firmly believe that you should peruse every no deposit free spin offer that you can find, regardless of the T’s and C’s associated.

The reasons being that you are being given a no-risk chance to win here, which means that there isn’t anything that you can lose here… except for time, of course.

The worst-case scenario here is that you end up losing your free spins and failing to win any money. Doesn’t sound too bad to me!

Free Spins wagering

I already touched on the fact that free spins wins usually need to be wagered before you can withdraw your winning. Wagering requirements apply to Gamstop covered as well as non-Gamstop casinos.

The thing that you should know here is that free spins wagering differs from that of deposit bonuses.

Even with free spins, you are given a multiplier that you need to follow, but here your multiplier will be used to multiply your wins—not your deposit.

In other words, if you were to win, say, £4.85 with your free spins, this is the amount of money where your multiplier will be used.

To put it even more simply, the more you win, the more your wagering requirement will grow.

Because of this, it’s totally fine to not win too much with your free spins and only start winning once the wagering is on!


Many people think that free spins aren’t much of a bonus because they usually come with a low bet.

My advice, however, is that you should always take big risks when wagering your small free spins wins and try using a big bet and also pick games by a good and reputable game provider, with games you like.

By doing this, you can win quite a bit of money. So no, please do not compensate your small wins with tiny bets—just choose a sizable bet and give it all you’ve got!