Guide to Gaming Curaçao

Curaçao has four master licence holders, and Gaming Curaçao is one of them. Gaming Curacao license is referred to as the Master License 365/JAZ. Obtaining a master licence means that they can grant a sublicense to anyone, providing that they meet their set requirements.

Compared to some other master license holders, Gaming Curacao has put in a lot of effort to ensure that its licensees abide by the law. In this article on, we will provide you with some information about Gaming Curacao.

What is Gaming Curacao?

One of the reasons why many gambling operators choose Curacao as their home is because of the favourable tax laws and inexpensive licensing procedure. The tax rate on revenues made by an online casino regulated in Curacao is 2%.

Additionally, Curacao does not put up huge barriers to discourage potential operators from entering the market. You will likely be licensed once you have a legitimate casino that conforms with the rules of Gaming Curacao, and you have the money to register for the license.

Services Rendered by Gaming Curacao

Apart from regulating and licensing online casinos, Gaming Curacao also provides financial and technical support for the online gambling industry.

This support can be in the form of services such as international finance, private cloud servers, dedicated services, and assistance with some matters related to operating an online casino.

The license that is given by Gaming Curacao covers all interactive games, including casinos, sports betting, and lottery. You can obtain a master’s license in Curacao for the price of 60,000 ANG (equivalent to $34,000).

Obtaining Licence Under Gaming Curacao

If you have a casino and you want a sub-licence under Gaming Curacao, you will have to negotiate directly with the company as there is no fixed price. As a master licence holder, all the activities of the casino under Gaming Curacao are monitored.

If any issue arises with any of the casinos, Gaming Curacao will be held responsible by the government. For this reason, the company always ensures that all regulations concerning casino gaming activities are adhered to by the casinos under it.

Benefit of Playing on Gaming Curacao Casinos

If you want to know if the casino you are using is licensed under Gaming Curacao, you can check the information page of the casino. You should see an image of Gaming Curacao on the homepage of the website or on the About Us page of the casino website.

One of the benefits you can get from playing at a casino with a Gaming Curacao license is that you can always file a complaint directly to Gaming Curacao if your casino breaches any agreement.


In this guide, we have provided you with almost all the information you need to know about Gaming Curaçao. As one of the four master licence holders in Curacao, you can expect nothing less than the best from any casino under their domain.

Gaming Curacao ensures that all its licenced operators adhere to the Curacao Gambling Act, and failure to do say can lead to their licence being revoked. So why not check out some of the online casinos licenced by Curacao Gaming?