What is a reload bonus?

What is a reload bonus?

In a bid to entice players to continue playing, most online casinos introduced the “Reload Bonus”. It is not news that welcome bonuses are offered to newly registered players on most online casinos.

However, after the welcome bonus is exhausted, players can tend to get bored if all they have to rely on is winning. This is why the reload bonus has been a great addition to every online casino that offers them.

Overview of Reload Bonuses

These reload bonuses come in different forms and this is dependent on the operator you choose to play your online casino games. In some cases, reload bonuses are accompanied by free spins that will activate when you deposit.

Just like welcome bonuses, reload bonuses can come in percentages, although one major difference between the two is that a welcome bonus only comes once and a reload bonus is recurrent for regular players.

In some online casinos, some reload bonuses can come as part of a welcome package. In this case, the bonus you get from your first deposit is the welcome bonus.

Afterwards, a series of reload bonuses will follow as you deposit, and this can span through your second, third, fourth, or possibly fifth deposit. There are other reload bonuses you can enjoy as you continue to make use of a certain online casino.

How to Qualify

To qualify for a reload bonus can vary from online casino to casino. Although in most cases, new players automatically qualify for the reload bonuses that come with a welcome package.

However, for regular players, it is a bit unpredictable but most online casinos reward their players based on the player’s status. This means that the more regular players get to be rewarded the most. These rewards can come in different forms.

Some online casinos try to entice “inactive” players by sending e-mail invites to participate in a certain reload bonus. While some other casinos organize reload bonuses that all their registered players qualify to participate.

This can either be monthly or weekly, which means that you get a bonus upon the first deposit in the week or month. Another way you can qualify for reload bonuses is through online casino bonus codes.

How Reload Bonuses and Reload Bonus Codes work

If you receive any reload bonus, which can be through the welcome package or other means available. Most of the time, the reload bonuses work similarly to the welcome bonus. However, in some certain cases, there are different rules that follow how the bonus will work.

Additionally, some online casinos might add varying wagering requirements to each of the bonuses. Therefore, it is recommended that you fully check out the online casino’s terms and conditions.

The reload bonus code is similar to other bonus codes. It is a certain code you enter either when you make a deposit or when you are signing up.

To get these codes, you can check the non-Gamstop casino’s adverts or promotions page. In some cases, the codes might be included in the terms and conditions.

To use the codes, you might need to enter another code or meet other requirements set by the operator.

Reload Bonus Percentage

Reload bonuses are different from other bonuses in terms of their percentages. In the welcome package, the reload bonus is typically different from the welcome bonus in their percentage amount.

Often, the reload bonus will have a lesser percentage amount compared to the first deposit bonus, but in the end, you will get a bigger bonus figure than the first deposit bonus. However, you will have to deposit more for reload bonuses.

For example, if the first deposit bonus is 100% up to €100, therefore, for a maximum deposit you will get a €100 bonus.

However, when the reload bonus is at 50% up to €200, you might be thinking that the reload offers more but you will need to deposit up to €200 to get the equivalent €100 bonus.

This means that online casinos tend to gain more with reload bonuses.

Final Note

On a final note, the reload bonus is just a way for online casinos to lure players into playing continuously at the casino. Additionally, reload bonuses attract players into depositing more, which means that online casinos are also rewarded.

You can check if the online casino site has a detailed FAQ section on the reload bonuses offered. Or, you can choose to contact their customer support to get more insight.

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