What is RNG?

If there was ever a way you can calculate the moment that a casino game can give out a big win, well that moment is gone with the introduction of Random Number Generator (RNG).

While this is believed to happen in old mechanical slots, the new and online slot machines use an entirely different approach to determine winnings on a casino game. RNG is used on games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and slots.

You may be wondering why it is important for you to know what RNG is and how it works.

Well, knowing it will help you better understands how casino wins are generated and you can use the idea to boost your playing strategy. RNG is defined as a computer program that randomly releases results.

There are two types of the RNG used in the casino world – Hardware Random Number Generator and Pseudo-random Number Generator.

RNG Types

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG) is an external device that is connected to the USB port of a casino’s server.

This automatically generates random numbers, and its starting values are always compound values. The numbers generated by HRNG is usually as a result of an action or rule.

The algorithm produces results due to actions such as the starting point on a roulette wheel. HRNG is usually found in land-based casinos.

Pseudo-random Number Generator (PRNG) is used on online casino games.

PRNG is based on a set of mathematical functions, and it relies on seed numbers to generate outcomes. There are thousands of seed numbers produced in a millisecond, so the choice of a PRNG is unknown.

Unlike HRNG, PRNG does not require connection to a casino server. It is a set of complex codes that have been written inside a game by the software provider.

Is RNG Safe?

While it is true that RNG is efficient, it does not mean that it is flawless. Since RNG is based on mathematical calculations, you can know the outcome of a casino game if you get hold of the algorithm and seed numbers.

However, that is very unlikely to happen because of the MD5 crypto-resistant mechanism used to protect the algorithm. This mechanism encrypts all data thus making it unreadable by a hacker.

It is compulsory for every online casino providing games that rely on RNG to obtain an RNG compliance certificate.

This certificate indicates that the casino guarantees the randomness of each game result. Additionally, RNG evaluation is carried out periodically to ascertain if a casino has not tampered with the randomness of the result.

Penetration testing and auditing of casinos not on Gamstop security system are performed regularly to ensure that the RNG algorithm used is not manipulated.


Random Number Generator is a mechanism used in casino games to randomize outcomes. Hardware Random Number Generators are usually used in land-based casinos while Pseudo-random Number Generators are used in online casinos.

The mechanisms behind the operation usually involve an algorithm that performs mathematical operations using action or seed numbers.

While RNG can be cheated theoretically, the security measures put in place makes this almost unfeasible. Every casino providing RNG-related games must obtain an RNG compliance license.