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new or old slot sites?

I probably haven’t told you this, but I actually started my online casino journey almost 20 years ago already. Back in the day, slot sites (also known as online casinos, mind you!) were not that great.

To be honest, most of them were kind of boring and plain old ugly. Not that many colours, just boring texts and few pictures. Casinos were all about gaming back then, no bells and whistles or smokes and mirrors.

Even though old slot sites weren’t much to look at, they did have their allure. I can genuinely remember the first time that I tried slots. I had just turned 21 and had never played casino games or online slots before.

Then, one day, I decided to sign up and log into this new and cool online casino. Cannot really remember its name, but it used to be brand new back then; might have gone under already after that, though.

Anyways, I remember the rush that my first slot sites gave me. It was something that I had never experienced before. It was sudden, powerful and all-encompassing. To be honest, it was almost like the first time that I kissed a girl. And just like Katy Perry, I really, really liked it!

New Slot Sites as compared to old slot sites

A lot of things have changed in the almost 20 years that I have been a gambler with Gamstop and non-Gamstop sites together with all the design, software and game providers that are producing crazy games now compared to before.

Here I am going to list a few things and talk about them so that even those just starting out can understand how much progress there has been over the years.

Better design and art this year

First things first. I already mentioned how the old casinos weren’t much to look at and I still stand by that sentiment. New slot sites are responsive, quick, colourful and good looking, which is hugely thanks to the development of the internet as a whole.

Going and being online has become a humongous part of our culture and our lives. I can vividly remember the times when I only had a dial-up connection and had to pay extra for each and every minute that I spent on the internet.

Things are much much different now as you can play those slots for hours and not have to pay any extras except for your electricity of course!

As the internet has grown and become more important to our civilised civilisation, the design and art of these sites have also become very important.

None of us modern folks would even bear to look at some of the atrocities of yesteryear. Nowadays everything has to be ultra slick and presentable, and this applies to new slot sites and online casinos as well!

More slots online

Old slot sites did not necessarily have more than a few online casino slots in their selection. In fact, I remember playing at casinos that only had 100 slots or even fewer, sometimes only tens of slots.

In these dark times, online casinos were just starting out so it’s no wonder that there weren’t that many game providers out there creating slots either.

Man, I almost get chills thinking about how bleak it was, although that’s not how I viewed it back then! Nowadays you have normally hundreds of games only on mobile casinos and even more on desktop.

Better quality slots

I already mentioned how there weren’t many slots at all available back in the old days. What is more, those games that were there weren’t really all that great.

Free spins and bonus games were a rarity as most games used to be all about slow and uninspired gameplay without many graphical elements.

Due to slow internet connections, the games really couldn’t be a lot better either, as they would have just made your old computers crash just like that.

In order to rake in the most money they could, game providers and online casinos had to make sure that their games would be playable for everyone willing to risk a few pounds to gamble.

More bonuses

Many people might not think about this, but online casino bonuses did not enter the casino fold right at the start. At first, we as gamblers were perfectly fine just being able to play online and skip our long and arduous trips to our favourite brick-and-mortar casinos.

None of us could even dream about a world where online casinos would basically pay us to play with them. With new slot sites, however, that really appears to be the case.

There are just so many online casinos out there nowadays that they will need to scratch and claw to get their piece of the cake, which is exactly why casino bonuses exist.


As you can see, a lot of things have changed during the course of time. New slots sites are better in almost every way compared to their old counterparts.

Casinos of today are trying to make sure that you are having the time of your life. Because if they didn’t, they would risk losing you to their competitors, thus losing their paycheck in the process.

In short, new slot sites are awesome!