The Best Casino Related Books

Both informative and fun, this book contains a heap of highly in-depth knowledge along with fun and easy to follow pictures. With the language overly simplified, this book was written with the amateurs of the gambling world in mind.

It takes time and care in explaining the basics of all the games making this book the perfect starting point for those looking to become masters of the Casino world. Covering all the basics with fun and large pictures, this is a perfect gift for any beginner.

The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King

Written by Michael Craig, “The Professor, The Banker and the Suicide King” provides an in-depth look into the world of high stakes Poker. And with Poker being possibly the most exciting game that Casinos have to offer, this book is able to provide a similar level of excitement for its reader.

While this may not teach you the tricks of the trade, this book will provide you with ample entertainment and keep your heart pounding as the excitement continuously builds.

Set in the home of gambling, Las Vegas, this book follows the highest stake poker game of all time and documents the each and every event that unfolds as the game progresses.

This book introduces you to some of the greatest poker players of all time and provides a fascinating insight into what goes through the minds of the worlds best. A different view of poker from what most of us would be used to, this unusually exciting novel is so incredibly unique.

Roll The Bones

Written by David G. Schwartz , The Director of the “Center for Gaming Research” and the “University of Nevada” and based on his own personal experience, this book provides several anecdotal tales which are best described as cautionary rather than advisory.

This book is definitely not one to use if you are attempting to become a master of gambling unless you are using it to see how NOT to play the games. This book draws on real life accounts along with a lifetime of research.

Including such tales as that of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who is a world-renowned writer that managed to bankrupt himself in a small, in-house casino that was situated in the German resort in Baden-Baden.

There are other, more positive tales of those who figured out ingenious methods of beating the house and one man who was able to make off with nine million French Franks in the eighteenth century after figuring out a trick to somehow winning the lottery through unscrupulous means.


Lay The Favorite

This depicts the underground world of Sports betting as is not exactly a light-hearted read. Put to paper by Beth Raymer, this book is somewhat fictional although nearly all the stories and scenarios conjured up through the real life experiences of author Beth Raymer.

Having worked as a bookie for several years before writing the book, you can imagine what kinds of corruption and ruin she was a witness to and all of that culminated in what is an absolutely fascinating read.

The Biggest Game in Town

Written by known poet and literary critic, Al Alvarez, this book takes us on an absolute rollercoaster of a ride through the world of gambling, with a slight difference.

These stories are heavily focused on the players, rather than the games themselves, and document the different types of people that enter Casinos.

Those who never learn from past mistakes, those who believe they can ride a tidal wave of luck and all the different types of hopefuls in between them.

Gambling 102

Mike Shackleford shares with us all the strategies, tips and tricks for successfully navigating any and all casino games. Nineteen chapters of smart tips, all gained through the life experience of the author himself, combined with mathematical equations and computer modeling.

Taking luck completely out of the equation, Shackleford teaches us that the Casinos can be beaten if you are willing to dedicate a lot of time and focus on the mathematical side of things. Numbers and equations are what will make you a success.